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Introduction to Unreal C++

Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of Unreal Engine's code-driven framework with "Introduction to Unreal C++." This course illuminates the intricacies of Unreal's C++ environment, empowering participants to breathe life into their game ideas. By blending hands-on coding exercises with foundational principles, it paves the way for a seamless transition into more advanced Unreal programming endeavors.

Course Details

Unreal Engine, renowned for its superior graphics rendering and dynamic game development suite, possesses a deeply integrated, code-based foundation in Unreal C++. This course offers a structured pathway into this profound ecosystem, tailored for newcomers and those with programming expertise in other languages.

Participants will embark on a methodical exploration of Unreal C++, traversing its core concepts and nuances. They will not only become proficient in the syntax, but also absorb the underlying philosophy that defines Unreal’s distinct approach to game logic and functionality. With a focus on real-world application, the course intersperses theoretical understanding with tangible coding assignments, allowing participants to instantly apply and cement their learning. This ensures a well-rounded grasp of the essential components required to infuse games with customized behaviors and features.

By the culmination of “Introduction to Unreal C++,” attendees will possess a robust foundational knowledge of the engine’s programming environment. They’ll be primed to harness the full potential of Unreal C++, unlocking doors to further advanced modules and intricate game development projects. This is not just a cursory glance but a deep dive, designed to instill confidence and inspire a passion for game development through coding.


  • A computer that meets the minimum hardware requirements for running Unreal Engine.
  • Installed version of Unreal Engine 5

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Duration: 3 hours

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Course Topics

A brief overview of our course topics.

Why C++ in Unreal? An Overview

  • Strengths of C++: Highlighting the performance and flexibility benefits of using C++ in game development.
  • C++ vs. Blueprints: A brief comparison to understand when and why to choose C++.

Setting Up: Your First Unreal C++ Project

  • Project Creation: Steps to initiate a new C++ project in Unreal.
  • Understanding the Structure: Navigating the folder hierarchy, source files, and generated files.

Dive into Code: Basic Class Creation

  • Actors and Objects: Introduction to base classes in Unreal.
  • Creating Custom Classes: Designing your first custom actor using C++.

Properties and Functions: Manipulating Game Elements

  • UProperty and UFunction: Understanding how to expose variables and methods to the editor.
  • Class Relationships: Parent-child relationships, inheritance, and overriding functionalities.

Interfacing with Blueprints: The Best of Both Worlds

  • BlueprintCallable Functions: Executing C++ functions from Blueprints.
  • Creating and Using BlueprintNativeEvent: Designing functions in C++ that can be overridden in Blueprints.

Player Input and Game Logic: Bringing Interactivity

  • Handling Player Input: Coding controls for player movements and actions.
  • Implementing Game Mechanics: A basic example to illustrate C++ game logic in action.

Debugging and Optimization: Ensuring Smooth Gameplay

  • Using UE_LOG: Understanding the logging mechanism in Unreal C++.
  • Essential Debugging Tips: Identifying and resolving common issues in code.

Q&A Session

An interactive segment where participants can ask questions, clarify doubts, and gain insights from the instructor on the best ways to progress in Unreal C++.

Who Should Attend

Absolute Beginners

Individuals with a passion for game development but little to no experience in programming, seeking a structured introduction to the world of C++ in Unreal.

Seasoned Programmers

Those familiar with other programming languages and looking to transition or expand their skill set into Unreal C++.

Game Designers

Professionals aiming to better understand the coding backbone that powers their designs, enabling more efficient communication with development teams.

Indie Game Developers

Solo or small team developers aiming to integrate both design and code aspects in their projects, enhancing their ability to bring unique game visions to life.


Individuals pursuing a formal education in game development, seeking supplemental knowledge or a practical foundation in Unreal C++.

Learning Outcomes

C++ Foundation

Understand the core principles, syntax, and structures of C++ within the context of Unreal Engine.

Blueprint to C++ Transition

Gain insights into how Blueprints correspond to C++, and how the two can complement each other in game development.

Custom Functionality Implementation

Develop the skills to integrate unique game mechanics and features using Unreal C++.

Unreal's Object-Oriented Approach

Grasp the modular, object-oriented approach of Unreal, promoting scalable and organized game code.

Performance Optimization

Understand best practices to write optimized code, ensuring smooth gameplay across different platforms.

Confidence to Progress

Be equipped with foundational knowledge that paves the way for advanced Unreal C++ topics and projects in the future.

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